What to Do When Death Occurs | BRUNSWICK FUNERAL SERVICE

Below are explanations of the appropriate measures you should take in the following events: 

Anticipated Death in Home: If prearrangements are made due to terminal illness or otherwise within your residence, the proper measure would be to notify Hospice your intentions of Brunswick Funeral Service as your choice of funeral home. Hospice will prepare the legal requirements.  Unanticipated Death in Home: If an unexpected death occurs within your home, immediately call 9-1-1. Emergency staff will then determine the proper actions to follow.   

Death in a Medical Facility: If death occurs within a hospital or care facility, make sure that the medical staff or caregivers understand your funeral wishes. Let someone whom you have their direct contact information know that you have chosen Brunswick Funeral Services as your funeral home of choice. Additionally, make sure that the legal proceedings are being handled by staff.  

Out of State: Contact us directly: 910-754-6363. Our team will work with you to coordinate with local funeral directors at the location of the deceased.   

Funeral Arrangement Conference 

It is important to have a concise plan of action after a death occurs. Our funeral arrangement conference is an initial meeting, typically on or the day after a death occurs, laying out many of the particulars and details in a short period of time. We understand the stress and concern of all and wish to ease this uncomfortable situation. From burial arrangements to contacting friends and family, our team will address every aspect you may overlook.  

In the event that you have not made arrangements with Brunswick Funeral Service, our directors will need to obtain certain information for completing the death certificate. Death certificates in North Carolina are $10.00 each and in South Carolina, death certificates are $12.00 for the first and $3.00 for each additional copy.  

The following are additional important and personal items to consider bringing with you:  

  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Father's Name
  • Mother's Maiden Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Insurance Policies
  • Cemetery Deed
  • Clothing - Items include undergarments, other than shoes. Women-  an outfit closed at the neckline and long sleeves are preferred.
  • Jewelry & personal items - You will be given a receipt for such items which will also list your requested disposition
  • Veteran's Discharge Papers
  • Glasses
  • Dentures
  • Obituary information (Place of Employment, Retirement date, List of Clubs or Membership, and List of Survivors.  

As part of our services, Brunswick Funeral Services will obtain certified copies of death certificates on your behalf. While it is preferred to obtain these copies prior to the completion of the service, there are times when this is not plausible. In order to assist you in obtaining the number of certified copies needed, please check the following:

  • Each Life Insurance Company
  • Final Tax Return
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Real Property
  • Probate of Will
  • Pension, IRA or other retirement benefits
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Bank of accounts maintained
  • Any Personal File
Dicky Powell Owner/Funeral Director/Embalmer
Connie Powell Owner/Funeral Director
Larry Andrews General Manager/Funeral Director/Embalmer
Jason L. Benton Manager/Funeral Director/Embalmer
Jack White Crematory Operator
Joseph Benton Funeral Assistant
Susie Babson Accountant
Dave Andrews Horticulturist
Scottie Babson Funeral Assistant/Crematory Operator


For over 30 years Brunswick Funeral Service has provided the community with reliable, trustworthy funeral arrangements. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you during this difficult time. Rely on our experienced professionals with any questions or concerns that you have.


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